Top 5 Music Albums of 2015

Mannequin Music: Top 5 Albums of 2015 This was a fun year in music. We had comebacks (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber), pop classics, the return of Adele, exciting fresh faces, Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” that annoying “Cheerleader” song, and so much more. (Rihanna, where is Anti, boo?) It was also a good year for great… Read More


The Mannnequin Party is proud to present MANnequin Music Vol 8: Summer 2015, the latest in a series of curated playlists. Summer is coming to end, Mannequins! Make the most out of your pool parties, top-down convertible jam sessions and hot nights with our latest playlist. This compilation will take you on musical flight launching with… Read More

Music Videos of the Moment I

(Kitty on fleek. Video on Tidal.) The Mannequin Party celebrates the worlds of fashion and music. Music videos bring those two together and constantly inspire us. We always look forward to videos from our favorite artists because: A) we finally have visuals to go with that song we can’t get out of our head; B)… Read More


Bitch, it’s The Mannequin Party. We’re proud to present Mannequin Music Vol 7: March 2015, a monthly series of curated playlists. Spring is in the air and the weather is getting hotter, just like the music. Queen Madonna gets things heated on our list with her ‘Rebel Heart’ standout track, followed by tunes by Jack U… Read More

MANnequin Music Vol. 6: February 2015

The MANnequin Party is proud to present MANnequin Music Vol 6: February 2015, a monthly series of curated playlists. There’s been a lot of good music over the past few months so we have cherry-picked our favorites to share with you. We’ve been particularly inspired by new talent like Years & Years, Jess Gylnne, Le… Read More