The MANnequin Party is proud to present MANnequin Music Vol 5: November 2014, a monthly series of curated playlists – get ready for some solid tunes! This month’s installment is 20 hits featuring some of our favorites, kicking off in punk style with Charli XCX. We head straight to the dance floor with remixes of Pat… Read More


The MANnequin Party is proud to present MANnequin Music Vol 4: October 2014, a monthly series of curated playlists. After a crazy summer and skipping a month, we are sure you are craving that Mannequin Party beat! This month’s installment is a super-sized compilation of 25 hot tracks. As always, we invite you to enjoy… Read More

Very Important Pixels

This past weekend, The MANnequin Party went to the CHVRCHES concert at The Fillmore Miami Beach with a few VIPs – Very Important Pixels, that is. I fell in love with this cool brand during our recent trip to Las Vegas. We hit up Kitson on The Strip and boom – my attention automatically shifted to the display of rad tees and… Read More

Britney Spears’ Piece of Me in Vegas

This MANnequin Music post is all about Britney Spears. My love for B dates back to my teenage years in the early 2000s when she broke out as a pop superstar. It has carried through to her infamous Blackout phase (which is my favorite album, btw), and continues today during her “Piece of Me” Vegas residency era. The MANnequin Party… Read More