Fine and Dandy: MIAMI Magazine “One To Know” Profile

MANnequins, best news EVER! MIAMI magazine, a luxury lifestyle pub that’s all about our vibrant and stylish city, chose yours truly as “One to Know” in their current July/August 2014 issue. Pinch me, is this even real life?!

I am beyond honored and thrilled to know that MIAMI magazine considers The MANnequin Party a go-to blog for men’s fashion, trend roundups, style tips and music. I launched this site two and a half months ago as a creative outlet for myself and as a source for inspiration for others who shared my passion for fashion and music – both conventional and offbeat, most importantly.

The MANnequin Party had always been a dream. However, it recently became a reality though constant encouragement and support from loved ones. My family and friends were the ones telling me to start a blog, but I repeatedly came back with one hundred reasons of why I shouldn’t. Truth is, I was insecure and put way too much attention on what other people would think. Another classic case of “You’re your own worst enemy!” God, was I stupid!

Since the blog’s launch, I’ve received nothing but love! I cannot be happier to share my thoughts, play dress up and rock out to my favorite tunes with all of you. After all, The MANnquin Party is a virtual party and everyone is invited. That’s the main goal here – to have fun!

Again, a huge thank you to MIAMI magazine, photog Brett Hufziger for the amazing shoot, my too-cool Miami blogger sisters and every single person who visits my blog.

MIAMI Magazine July August 2014 - Gino R. Campodonico -The MANnequin Party

Transcript: In Miami’s women-dominated fashion blogging circles, Gino R. Campodonico is a breath of fresh air. Frustrated with the lack of masculine perspective when it came to local style, the 30-year old decided to fill the void himself. “I knew I couldn’t be the only guy out there hungry for something that spoke to me,” he says. “So I thought: Why no be the first?” He took matters into his own hands with the recent launch of The MANnequin Party, a sartorial resource tool for peacocks like him. Featuring a mix of bold photo shoots, trend roundups and realistic style tips, the site is a welcome counterbalance to the female viewpoints offered by other popular bloggers like Annie Vazquez (The Fashion Poet) and Maria Tettamanti (The Wordy Girl). TMP, which has already found a loyal following, also stands out from the pack, thanks to a heavy emphasis on music. “I read a quote from Karl Lagerfeld that said ‘Fashion and music are the same because music expresses its period too,” says Campodonico, “so I knew we had to incorporate that into this site from the get-go.” Sounds like solid advice to us. – SRR

Check out MIAMI magazine’s July/August 2014 issue here. It’s their annual Restaurant Issue so inside you’ll get the 411 on South Florida’s best new eateries, chefs to know, what’s coming next and much more. It’s ok, I know you’ll be salivating over that food porn instead of my royal blue summer suit – ha!

Here are a few outtakes and a close up of the money shot from my shoot with Brett. Make sure to check out his amazing work.

Gino R. Campodonico - The MANnequin Party by Brett Hufziger 4

Gino R. Campodonico - The MANnequin Party by Brett Hufziger 3

Gino R. Campodonico - The MANnequin Party by Brett Hufziger 2

Gino R. Campodonico - The MANnequin Party by Brett Hufziger 1

H&M Royal Blue Suit and Paisley Pocket Square / Banana Republic Mint Green Shirt /

Cole Haan Wing Tip Shoes

Take this advice: Dream it. Wish it. & just freakin’ DO IT!

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” – Gore Vidal

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  1. So proud of you! And love the Wordy Girl shout out!

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