NYT - April 2014 - Meggings

Photo Credit – New York Times; NOWFASHION; Lee Oliveira; Marcy Swingle/Gastro Chic

Meggings, or man leggings, are slowly working their way in to the world of men’s fashion. Sure, the bold look has only thus far been embraced by avant-garde types such as Pharrell Williams and Kanye West, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t already seen tightly-wrapped guy stems on the streets, or even at the gym. Tights under sporty workout shorts are a common sight and it’s a very practical look in cold temperatures… just ask our friends up north. But how do you transition that into evening wear?

I broke my meggings cherry during Art Basel in Miami Beach this past December 2013. Trust when I say that I spent a few more minutes looking at the mirror longer than usual, but that didn’t stop me. Yes, I realized the daring dress shorts & meggings combo might turn some heads, but who cares; isn’t that the point of fashion at the end of the day? I personally enjoy the look and see myself rocking it again. If you like it as well, then I say go for it. Just realize that this is not an everyday look – it’s fun for a rad party or a gallery opening – so don’t get cray.

Gino Meggings - Art Basel - December 2013

To learn more, read this recent New York Times article: The Few, the Brave: Men in Tights. In the piece, Mr. Eugene Tong, style director at Details magazine, brings it home with his two cents on meggings: “Like anything in fashion, you have to be confident in your personal style.”

What do you guys think?

PS – The article gives a shout out to one of my latest obsessions: Public School – Dao-Yi Chow’s and Maxwell Osborne’s cutting edge fashion brand based out of New York. These guys won Vogue/CFDA’s Fashion Fund. Check them out!

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  1. This speaks to me. But please, talk about that bag you are carrying! <3

  2. Lawrence says:

    I actually had a pair of men’s Gautier leggings back in the 80”s. That I bought in Paris …what goes around , comes back around.

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