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The Mannequin Party by GIno R Campodonico - MIFF 15 2

Cinephiles, this one is for you!

As a lover of movies, especially foreign or those under the radar, I always look forward to Miami Dade College’s Miami International Film Festival to bring the best in the world of cinema to my hometown. This year was extra special because Joseph was part of the festival’s host committee which allowed us to see a lot of movies (YES!). We kicked things off last Friday with the Florida premiere of Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales) at the historic Olympia Theater in Downtown and the Patrón Opening Night Party at the Freedom Tower.

Before we get into my favorite films from the 32nd MiamiFF, let’s talk fashion and play dress up. Here’s my red carpet look!

The Mannequin Party by GIno R Campodonico - MIFF 15 7

Blazer by INC International Concepts / Shirt by H&M

The Mannequin Party by GIno R Campodonico - MIFF 15 4

The Mannequin Party by GIno R Campodonico - MIFF 15 5

The Mannequin Party by GIno R Campodonico - MIFF 15 6

Watch by Purificación Garcia / Bag by Forever 21

The Mannequin Party by GIno R Campodonico - MIFF 15 8

The Mannequin Party by GIno R Campodonico - MIFF 15 3

Now, back to the movies. Here are my top 5 movies from this year’s festival including dark comedies, documentaries, fashion and horror. Until next year, Mannequins!

Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales) directed by Damián Szifron

“If revenge is a dish best served cold, these hot-blooded Argentinians have not received the memo. Each of the deliciously fierce, richly-drawn characters in Wild Tales are ordinary people whose pulses whiz and flame in the face of an extreme emotional situation, where tempers comically flare beyond any sense of control or decorum. In this sense, Damián Szifron’s third feature film shows the wickedly subversive humor of his newest producing partner, Pedro Almodóvar.”

Saint Laurent directed by Bertrand Bonello

“French fashion icon Yves St. Laurent’s preeminence stems from a brilliant, wildly inventive period from the late 1960s through the late 1970s. In this controversial and unauthorized biography, we see that not only did St. Laurent define himself and his design style during this period, but through both his persona and his business, made an indelible mark on the very era. Director Bertrand Bonello’s trademark fascination with the sensual, the sensory and the hedonistic makes a perfect fit to explore St. Laurent’s now-mythological decade of deliverance. With stunning attention to detail, including a climactic recreation of St. Laurent’s revolutionary Moroccan-inspired 1976 collection, Bonello captures the spirit of creative genius in a time of great freedom, even as emotional vertigo threatened St. Laurent’s own spectacular heights.”

Iris directed by Albert Maysles

“Fashion icon Iris Apfel gets the film treatment in Albert Maysles’ (Grey Gardens, Gimme Shelter) latest film. Iris’ incomparable career started as one of the interior designers for the White House. She traveled the world over searching for unique objects to decorate the houses and mansions of her upscale clients. Her unconventional sense of fashion, her exceptional use of jewelry and her trademark style of mixing found objects with vibrant elements available to her is what separated Iris from the rest making her one of the top fashion consultants in New York City. Nowadays, nonagenarian Iris Apfel lives between New York and West Palm Beach along with her husband of 66 years Carl who turns 100 years old during the making of the film.”

Hot Girls Wanted directed by Jill Bauer, Ronna Gradus

The Mannequin Party by GIno R Campodonico - MIFF 15 13

“Miami is a magnet for young women escaping small towns and seeking adventure in the amateur porn industry. Hot Girls Wanted gives an intimate view into the lives of several women as they experience the highs and lows of the business. In the past decade, the proliferation of the Internet has brought significant shifts in the way porn is produced and consumed. Today, for many teenage girls, porn carries fewer taboos than it did for their parents’ generation.”

Shrew’s Nest (Musarañas) directed by Juanfer Andrés, Estaban Roel

“It’s 1950s Spain – a classic era of dread and repression.   Spinster, seamstress and shut-in Montse (a brilliant Macarena Gomez) toils away on dresses for wealthy clients in the confines of her small apartment, and keeps a suspicious eye on her pretty (and much more balanced) younger sister.   When handsome Carlos (Hugo Silva), an upstairs neighbor, falls and breaks his leg outside Montse’s door, the horrified/delighted Montse takes him for “healing”…but never calls a doctor. When Carlos’ distraught fiance (Carolina Bang) shows up looking for her vanished lover, Montse has to get creative about hiding her delicious new prey.”

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