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For the inaugural MANnequin Party fashion post we are going to go BIG! This means we are giving you, our new loyal fashion fiends, a double dosage knockout. That’s right, two posts to get this virtual soirée started…

This showcase was inspired by the men’s spring collections currently on the runway. The overall trend for this season is the midcentury glamour of the 1950s, and just like many of the popular designers and stylists, I took it into my own hands to modernize these looks for the 21st century.

I updated the looks by switching out the accustomed pleated khakis, solid-colored blazers and ties, for skinny pants, casual jackets, open-collared shirts, floral and paisley prints, and even a metallic bow tie. I also loved creating a clash of silhouettes by combining loose and casual fits with skinny tailored ones.

Tan Bomber 3

Vintage Leather Jacket / Forever 21 Floral Button-Up Shirt / H&M Forest Green Flat-Front Pants /

Diesel Distressed Leather Belt / J. Crew Shoes

Tan Bomber 7

It was fun to take that old world sensibility from the era and give it a modern, fashion-forward feel with new and old items from my closet. I incorporated a bit of that Miami flair by wearing loafer and colored wing-tipped shoes with no-show socks. My hairstyle, buzzed on the sides and long on top, added a touch of rockabilly flair to the overall looks. It’s a constant, personal struggle trying to one-up Bruno Mars… his hair is always flawlessly styled for the gods!

Tan Bomber 10

H&M Metallic Gold Sunglasses

Tan Bomber 9

Tan Bomber 8

The shoot took place in the historic Miami Modernist District, or MiMo for short. MiMo was built in the ‘50s so it made for an ideal setting. The area’s kitschy-cool Art Deco architecture, motels and massive Coppertone Girl – the area’s crown jewel, if you ask me – complemented the fashions. Speaking of compliments, a hooker blew me a kiss as she strutted down Biscayne Blvd. in her, oh-so-typical, Lucite pumps. I immediately smacked my lips and sent an air kiss right back, of course! Its all about manners, kids.

Dior The New Yorker 1

Dior The New Yorker 2

Vintage Dior Sports Jacket / Guess? Floral Button-Up Shirt / Forever 21 Plum Skinny Pants

 Louis Vuitton Loafers

To end this post, I leave you with a quote from GQ that perfectly defines a modern ‘50s look: “It’s the exact moment midpoint between dandyism and dishevelment, or maybe the art of embodying both simultaneously.”

Dior The New Yorker 5

Dior The New Yorker 4

Stay tuned for the second set of looks…

Photo credit: Joseph A. Quiñones

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