MANnequin Music: Katy B “Little Red”


A popular and celebrated artist across the pond, British singer and fiery redhead Katy B is virtually unknown in the States. That has to change because Katy B is a disco diva that deserves to be heard. With a knack for creating progressive dance tracks with sophisticated pop hooks, Katy first got on our radar in 2012 with her “Danger EP,” which contains the brilliant “Aaliyah,” a powerhouse, ’90s house jam featuring another MANnequin music favorite, Jessie Ware. The song reappears again on Katy’s second studio album, “Little Red,” which was released in the US on February 7. Katy showcases her unique blend of dubstep, R&B, funk, house and garage on the album, which paired with her soulful voice, is the perfect combination. From the first sounds of opening track “Next Thing,” Katy demands your attention to the dance floor until the very end. The brooding second track, “5 AM,” is a sultry, electronic ear worm which wouldn’t feel out of place in a dark, underground night club at – you guessed it – 5 AM (one last drink?). Even when the BPM does slow down, like on tracks “Crying for No Reason,” “Tumbling Down,” and current single, “Still,” Katy’s breathless growling and sexy tone elevate the songs to mid-tempo, deep house bliss. The dubstep tune “All My Lovin'” is an erotic plea while “Hot Like Fire” is an erratic dance anthem. Even 17 songs later, the final track, “Sky’s the Limit,” is Grade A pop electronica. As some pop artists continue to churn out run-of-the-mill, ‘let the beat drop’ EDM songs, Katy’s sounds offer up something entirely different and refreshing. Whether at the disco or at home on Saturday night, “Little Red” is the perfect record to get down to. 

MANnequin Musts:
  • Throbbing powerhouse “I Like You”
  • Four-on-the-floor, synth-parry “Everything”
  • “Light As A Feather” (feat. Diplo & Iggy Azaelia) Ok fine, this one is actually on the “Danger EP,” but this one is a must! Iggy was throwing down way before “Fancy.”
I need some loving like Valium…

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MANnequin Music Contributor: Joseph A. Quiñones


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