MANnequin Music: Kiss Me More Than Once, Kylie

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Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once

Kylie Minogue is a certified pop icon. Best known in the US for her 2001 hit “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” Kylie has been slaying worldwide for over 25 years, consistently churning out dance-pop classics for the kids. Her 12th studio album is no different. Released in March 2014, “Kiss Me Once” is quintessential Kylie with a mix of nu-disco sounds, mid-tempo jams, Kylie-esque pop and a dash of EDM. After the ethereal sounds of first single “Into the Blue,” Kylie hits hard with the second track, “Million Miles.” The track crescendos with the chorus, a ‘throw your hands in the air’ moment. An album highlight is the third track and recently-announced second single, “I Was Gonna Cancel,” written and produced by music man-of-the-moment, Pharrell Williams. The song just begs for you to throw on your disco pumps and hit the Studio 54 dance floor. Have I heard it before? Sure, Madonna did it in 2008 with her Pharrell/Neptunes produced “Hard Candy” album. See also: Gloria Estefan’s foray into Pharrell pop in 2011 with “Miss Little Havana” (Track #7 “Right Away” is a must). Kylie gets in the sex game with “Sexy Love” (a colorful ditty reminiscent of my all-time favorite KM tune, “Love at First Sight”), the naughty “Sexercize (written by “Kiss Me Once” executive producer Sia), and “Les Sex,” giving Beyonce a run for her “Partition” money. Would I have liked to see KM take a chance with some bolder choices in songs and producers? Sure, but it’s just so good, I’m going to shut up and dance. Kylie never fails to disappoint and “Kiss Me Once” is a must for any pop-loving music collection.

MANnequin Musts:

  • The synth-pop, sing-along brilliance that is “Feels So Good”
  • Instant Kylie classic “Kiss Me Once”
  • Bonus track and EDM banger “Mr. President” (Marilyn Monroe never sounded so good)

Let me see you sexercize…

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MANnequin Music Contributor: Joseph A. Quiñones

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