Top 5 Music Albums of 2015

Mannequin Music: Top 5 Albums of 2015

This was a fun year in music. We had comebacks (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber), pop classics, the return of Adele, exciting fresh faces, Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” that annoying “Cheerleader” song, and so much more. (Rihanna, where is Anti, boo?) It was also a good year for great music.

Let’s take a look at our picks for the top five albums of 2015. What a year!

5. Elle Goulding, Delirium

Ellie Goulding’s Delirium is the singer’s first full-fledged attempt at a “mainstream pop” record, and boy, does she succeed. First single, “On My Mind,” was a mere taste of the slinky grooves and stadium pop that fill this album.

4. Justin Bieber, Purpose

Pop prince Justin Bieber made his grand comeback with the best record of his career. Blending catchy songwriting and expert production, Purpose made all of us Beliebers. (Ok fine, we were already Beliebers). Who can deny dancing to “What Do You Mean?,” “Sorry,” and so many more.

3. Madonna, Rebel Heart

Oh, Madge. After a string of bad press and a failed proper album launch, Madonna let the songs speak for themselves. An emotional set, Rebel Heart boasts some of the best ‘Madonna’ songs in years. The Queen of Pop delivers roaring ballads and frantic dance tracks with ferociousness. And yes, “Bitch, I’m Madonna” is a must add to any party playlist.

2. Troye Sivan, Blue Neighborhood

Troye Sivan came in blazing with his debut album. After releasing his WILD (EP) in early 2015, he released the full-length album, “Blue Neighborhood.” Echoing a coming-of-age sensitivity and an introspective depth, Troye’s lush electro-pop anthems are just gorgeous. It’s a breath of fresh air that an artist produces an incredible album that dedicates most of the songs to the joys of being young and gay, falling in an out of love with boys while discovering his sexuality.

1. Carly Rae Jepsen, E.MO.TION

Stop whatever you are doing, log onto iTunes, and download Carly Rae Jepsen’s E.MO.TION – but like, now. Yes, we’re talking about the same Carly Rae who broke out in 2012 with the summer anthem, “Call Me Maybe.” But she is anything but a one hit wonder. Her last album, Kiss, was an amazing record full of pop gems. Her follow-up, this year’s E.MO.TION, is even better, as it’s indeed a pop masterpiece and our number 1 album of the year. It’s a shame that the general public didn’t catch on to this set of expertly crafted, catchy, radiant pop. We might get attacked by all the Swifties out there, but this album far exceeds Taylor Swift’s 1989, as every song on E.MO.TION is just THAT good. It’s an earworm for the first note to the very last drop.

Honorable Mentions

  • Shamir, Ratchet
  • Jess Glynne, I Cry When I Laugh
  • Selena Gomez, Revival
  • Years & Years, Communion
  • Marina and the Diamonds, FROOT
  • Disclosure, Caracal
  • Kylie Minogue & Fernando Garibay, Kylie + Garibay (EP)
  • MNEK, Small Talk (EP)
  • Little Boots, Working Girl
  • FKA Twigs, M3LL155X (EP)
  • Adam Lambert, The Original High
  • Sophie, Product
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